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y’all are so annoying about dogs tbh i see posts like “there’s probably a doggy all the way across the world wagging its tail right now I have butterflies” get a job u fuckin hippies


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he’s on an important journey
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Sometimes I’m the bird and sometimes I’m the little girl.


do you ever cook something in the microwave but it’s still really cold in the middle and you just keep eating it instead of heating it longer because life is pointless and entropy is unavoidable and the universe is filled with callous and casual destruction

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You hear all these “you’re not a real fan unless” and it lists a hundred things, but I met a dude today who saw my Deadpool pin and asked what my favorite story arc was, and I explained that while I loved Deadpool, I was new to Marvel (I only really got into it a year and a half ago) and hadn’t been able to find a lot of the comics. Instead of making a face or a derogatory comment, he just offered to send me all the stuff he had. That is a true fan.

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Airport staircase in Tokyo, Japan

Its funny because if you fell down these stairs then Pikachu would look like such an asshole.


shout outs to ppl who actually take selfies in public. i don’t know why we mock them, that’s a level of confidence and not giving a fuck that i want to achieve one day

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My preview image for S: A Supernatural Artbook! This is a charity artbook with proceeds going to Action Against Hunger. Stay tuned for the Kickstarter! 
They’ve also just extended the public submissions deadline so check it out!!
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also psst its transparent